Customer Charter – Latest COVID-19 Rules

Customer Charter

We are delighted to welcome you back to the Folkestone Sports Centre!
We have put procedures in place to do everything we can to make our Community Sports Centre as safe as possible, during this on-going COVID 19 crisis. We are very aware that the virus is still out there, and we urge you to take responsibility for helping us to keep you and our staff as safe as possible.

There are new ‘rules’ in place which we will enforce:

  • Those who are Self-Isolating, Shielding or Clinically Vulnerable must not enter the Sports Centre Building until advised by their Health professional that it is safe to do so
  • Do not come into the Centre if you have any symptoms of COVID 19
  • No un-accompanied children will be permitted unless with Club activities.
  • We will initially have reduced opening hours but will increase as demand and usage increases
  • Please enter the building via the steps – keeping to the right. Leave the building via the slope, keeping to the right.  Give priority to wheelchair users, who will enter and leave via the slope.
  • Sanitise your hands, on entry and exit to the building and to the individual activities at the sanitise stations provided.
  • Maintain Social Distancing – please act responsibly whilst entering, exiting, and walking around the building
  • Activity numbers will be reduced. You will be required to book your gym or swim slot to ensure you can take part in your chosen activity.
  • Current valid members can book 2 weeks’ ahead: Non- members can book 7 days ahead.
  • Be prepared to queue patiently at reception – every person entering the building must register at reception. Do not walk past reception without registering, even if you are a member.
  • Members are asked to ensure that we have your latest contact details, which may be used for contact – track and trace – should there be an outbreak within the Centre. Please ensure that you update all your information at reception.
  • Non-members must register and give contact details on entry. Please pay by contactless card.
  • You will be required to wear masks upon entry and whilst moving to your activity. Please bring your own mask.
  • Keep to the right when using the stairs. When you need to cross over to the left, please be aware of other users.
  • Please shower at home and arrive ‘swim ready’ when using the pool. Enter the pool via the doors to the Training (small) pool.  Follow the arrows for a One-Way system and leave your bag on the black seating area on poolside. Where possible, leave the pool directly via the fire doors alongside the main pool. Should you need to use the changing rooms after your swim, you may now use showers.  Change in a cubicle and leave via the main reception doors.
  • Do not take bags into the Gym, Toning Studio or Sports hall
  • You may enter the gym either via the former Kids Gym or via the usual door.
  • The gym has been extended to allow further distance between equipment.
  • Please use the Anti-Bac spray and Blue Roll to wipe equipment before and after your use.
  • Please shower before leaving home and arrive gym, swim, or sports ready and leave as soon as you have completed your session.
  • In the longer term, users of Studio 2, Spin Studio and Sports Hall may exit via the bottom corridor and side gate, accompanied by a member of staff who will open the gate for you.
  • Users of Studio 1 may leave via the Fire Exit past the changing rooms: (Turn right out of the studio.)
  • Skiers and Footgolfers will enter and exit via the side gate (adjacent to the Tennis Courts)
  • The Café is open for drinks, snacks, protein shakes and lunches. Entry to the café will be via the steps (black flooring) from reception, and leave via the café exit door.  Maintain a ‘One-way’ system.

If you test positive for COVID 19 following a visit to the Centre, please advise us immediately by emailing: giving your name, date of your visit and the activity in which you took part.  We will use your registered details to advise the Track and Trace system or contact those with whom you came into contact.  This will result in the closure of that facility/activity.
Thank you

This situation is new to all of us and we are aware that we will not always ‘get it right’.
The advice changes regularly – our procedure may change regularly.
We urge you to give us your constructive feedback to our procedures and where possible we will make changes to better serve your needs.  Be patient with our staff – abuse of staff will not be tolerated.
Our staff will be polite, honest, and open with you – we ask you to do the same.

Our Trust is looking forward to many more years of providing for our Community.
We look forward to your continued support.
Tessa Stickler, General Manager.  Contact: