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Due to current staff shortages, it’s advised to call ahead on the day to confirm the availability of any swimming sessions. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and aim to have this matter resolved as soon as possible.

February Swim Timetable

Swimming ChargesStandardMORE SportSwim Books
(10 swims during public times)
Up to 3 years inclusiveFREEFREE
Water Aerobics£5.50£4.50£49.50
Family Swim£20.00

Public Swimming

Dedicated times for the general public, members and non-members, to access the swimming pools.

Inflatable Swimming

Currently Unavailable.

Disability Swimming

Check availability before arriving, or book your session in advance.

Swimming and Aqua Jog teachers are available – pre-book instructors if required.

Carer or Support worker must accompany bathers on a one-to-one basis.

A ‘Changing Place’ is available adjacent to the swimming pool, with overhead hoist and transfer to the pool hoist. In most circumstances you will be required to bring your own bespoke sling.

School Swimming

During term time, schools have access to the pool for swimming lessons. Swimming instructors are available.

Lifeguard Training

We offer the facility to train as a lifeguard following the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ). Courses are a week long, with both practical and theory skills being studied in house.



Swimming Lessons – Folkestone Swim Academy

The journey through the Swim Academy is about achieving set outcomes at each stage and progressing through the stages, building confidence, learning new techniques, and reaching your goals.
Courses start from Baby and Parent, giving both the confidence to feel at home in the water.
Children move through the Academy starting with basic movement skills, learning safe practice, and refining techniques.
Once your journey has started, you will automatically be reserved a space on the next stage, unless you decide to leave.
Each block is eight weeks and you will be given your ‘outcome’ certificate by the end of that block to indicate where your journey takes you next – then – simply go to the registration desk in reception to confirm and pay for the next stage of the Academy.

What are the stages?
The Academy starts with Ducklings, levels 1-4. These Levels are for Parent/Adult with a child aged 0-4 years.
From 4+years, children move through Swimming Stages 1-7.
Adult Beginners can learn too – starting in the Adult Non-swimmer stage, building water confidence, learning skills, and moving on to the Adult Improvers where techniques are practiced and improved – These stages are for anyone over 18 years, who has missed out on the opportunity to feel confident in the water from childhood, or who wants to improve.

How does my Journey start?
Once you have made the decision for your child – or yourself – to start swimming lessons, call our reception on 01303 850222 or visit our centre to register.
We will take some basic information about you and your child – name – contact details – swimming experience to date – and age (in the case of a child) and in most cases, will be able to book you on to the next available space. 
If you have any questions, or there needs to be more information in order to start your journey, we will take your information and our Pool Manager will call you back. 
We will ask for payment with your initial registration and you may register at any time.
Note that courses run in blocks of 8 weeks, giving your child the best possible chance of progressing. 

CourseCost per 8 weeks
Stages 1-7£54
Adult Beginners£54
Adult Improvers£54

ISRM Child Admission Policy guidelines

Child : Parent:

1:1 Children under 4 years

2:1 Children 4 years or over

2:1 Children 4 years or over

3:2 If there are 3 children, they must have at least 2 adults to accompany them

Under 8’s MUST be accompanied by an adult

Children who are 8 years old and can swim 25m competently are allowed to be unaccompanied by an adult in the water.

Terms and Conditions

* Please note that on Saturday mornings,during school term time, our Swim Academy lessons take place in the small pool and the shallow end of the main pool between 8.00am and midday. Young children and parents therefore may prefer to arrange their visit after 12.00 midday.

# The swimming pool operates an active timetable of sessions, including courses, lessons, schools teaching and club times, alongside public swimming times. For a full Swimming Timetable please email your postal address to our enquiry line or telephone reception for information or collect a timetable during your next visit.

Clothes lockers are located in the changing rooms and you will need 20p (non-refundable).

Please do not swim for at least one hour after eating or if you are feeling unwell.

FSC operates within the ISRM Child Admission Policy guidelines, as detailed at the foot of this page


Special Offers

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