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Indoor Sports

Our 8 badminton court sports hall is available to members and non-members for a wide range of sports whether you are a beginner, improver or at the top of your game!

The hall has floor markings for badminton, volleyball, basketball and 5-a-side football with nets, goals and hoops available.

Sports available include, but are not limited to:

Badminton, Basketball, Handball, Kurling, Table tennis, Indoor short tennis, Squash, Trampolining, Volleyball and 5-a-side Football.

Squash & Racketball

We have a total of three squash courts with a viewing balcony spanning across them all.

5 – A – Side

We have two indoor 5-a-side football pitches and one outdoor pitch, perfect for the fast paced and entertaining game that is a great opportunity to be competitive with mates.


Where football meets golf! A nine hole (18 Tee) game of Footgolf give the opportunity to try something completely new – improve both football and golf skills – have great fun with the family, or a group of friends. The game is played with a size 5 football … and your foot. Phone to book your Tee-off time, or book online through UK Footgolf.


We operate the Badminton England PlayBadminton programme and can hold eight courts.

NoStrings – An open opportunity to come and play with other adults with ranging in skill. Held every Wednesday from 8pm – 10pm.

Over 50’s – A perfect chance to meet others with an interest in the game of Badminton. Held every Monday 10am – 11am and Thursday 11am – 12pm.

Junior Badminton Club – The club is aimed at badminton beginners but welcomes all abilities, teaching basic skills needed for a game of singles and doubles. Each session combines a mixture of coaching and games, allowing the children to learn, practice and develop their badminton skills. We operate every Friday from 5pm-6pm and Saturday from 9am-12pm welcome children aged 7 to 14 years old and charge £3.50 for the Friday session and £4.00 for the Saturday session.

Indoor Sports



Whether you want to book just one hoop for a few friends or two whole courts for two individual matches we can accommodate.

New Age Kurling

A form of the original curling game, but adapted so that it can be played indoors.

Sports Wall

It is an interactive wall which uses an electronic target system that combines interactive gaming technology with physical exercise, fitness and real sports activities. Perfect for people of all ages and abilities.

Ladies Morning

Available every Wednesday from 9am – 12pm. Join in with a choice of five classes, swim, work out and play sports. Do as much or as little as you like.

Outdoor Sports



Our outdoor Multi Use Games Area is available throughout the year for Football and Tennis.

Or why not try your hand or foot at Footgolf on our 9 hole Footgolf Course!


Sports Clubs run throughout the year for those who wish for instruction from qualified coaches – whether you are a beginner or improver. Take a look at our Clubs information.

Please Note:

Any of our facilities may be booked to suit your leisure time, 24 hours in advance. Holders of a MORE Passport may book one week in advance.

Please note that your sports session will include time to set up the equipment.

24 hr notice is required for a cancellation, or the full rate will be charged.

Sports Prices

ActivityAdultMore Sport AdultConcessionMore Sport ConcessionMore Active
5-a-Side FootballHall HireHall HireHall HireHall HireHall Hire
Sunday Football SpecialInside £40.00
Outside £20.00
Inside £40.00
Outside £20.00
Inside £40.00
Outside £20.00
Inside £40.00
Outside £20.00
Inside £35.00
Outside £20.00
Badminton Adult Social£5.00 for 2 hours£5.00 for 2 hours£5.00 for 2 hours£5.00 for 2 hours£4.00 for 2 hours
Badminton Over 50's£3.00£3.00£3.00£3.00£2.80
BasketballHall HireHall Hire
Hall HireHall HireHall Hire
Footgolf 9 Holes£7.00£5.00£5.00£3.00Free
Footgolf 18 Holes£10.00£8.00£7.00£5.00Free
Hall HireHall HireHall HireHall HireHall Hire
Ladies Morning 3 Hours
Squash 40 mins£5.00£3.00£4.00£3.00Free
Squash (M-F 9am-4pm)
£7.00 per court£7.00 per court£7.00 per court£7.00 per courtFree
Hall HireHall HireHall HireHall HireHall Hire
1/2 Hall Hire £40 plus£2.00Free£1.00FreeFree
1/4 Hall Hire £20 plus£2.00Free£1.00FreeFree
1 Bay £10 plus£2.00Free£1.00FreeFree
Outside Pitch £20 plus£2.00Free£1.00FreeFree


ClubAdultMore Sport AdultConcessionMore Sport ConcessionMore Active
Junior Badminton Saturday
Saints Basketball Wed per hour£4.00NA£3.00NANA
Basketball Saturday£3.00 Saints Member or £4.00 Non-member£3.00 Saints Member or £4.00 Non-member
£3.00 Saints Member or £4.00 Non-member£3.00 Saints Member or £4.00 Non-member£3.00 Saints Member or £4.00 Non-member
Kurling (1st Monday of each month)£3.00NA£3.00NA£2.05

Special Offers

Monthly promotions and seasonal offers, making fitness affordable