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Each massage technique has specific effects on the body and mind: choose from a variety of massage techniques to relieve tension, improve circulation, improve skin tone, improve lymphatic drainage and aid the digestive process.

Swedish Full Body

A 60 minute firm massage treatment helps to relieve stress and promotes good circulation, de-toxing through the lymphatic glands.

60 minute massage – £40.00

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A relaxing massage helps to relieve stress and tension in the upper body.

30 minute treatment- Relaxation – £20.00
30 minute treatment- Deep tissue – £25.00

Indian Head Massage

Especially good for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraines and sinusitis.

30 minute treatment – £18.50

Relaxation Massage

Pre-blended oils will produce specific effects on the body systems and the emotions. Discuss this with your therapist in advance.

60 minute treatment – £35.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep massage techniques are applied whilst massaging to release and breakdown knots and severe tension. Ideal for problem backs

Full Body (One hour) – £45.00

Bamboo Massage

A deep tissue massage, strengthening muscle, re-activating circulation and stimulating lymphatic drainage. This stress relief massage will improve flexibility and inner well-being with specific reflexology points.

60 minute massage – £45.00

Hot Stones Massage

Heat from the stones penetrates muscle and improves blood flow to the surrounding tissue, aiding lymphatic drainage and helping to improve your sleep patterns. Warming and relaxing.

60 minute massage – £50.00

Pregnancy Massage

Nourish your mind, body and soul with a beautiful message. Ease those aches and pains associated with muscle stretching in preparation for birth. Back, legs, feet, ankles and scalp will be massaged, taking you to a total relaxation zone – before baby arrives.

60 minute massage – £40.00
90 minute massage – £60.00



Cupping Treatment

A beautiful treatment that improves overall well-being where East meets West. Improve circulation, relieve tension, detox and relax the mind, body and soul.

30 minutes – £28.00
60 minutes – £45.00

Crystal Therapy

Re-align all 7 Chakras of the body, cleans meridians and relieve anxiety and insomnia. This will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and in tune with your body.

30 minutes – £25.00
60 minutes – £40.00


Reiki focuses on energy healing, restoring balance and well being. This treatment is great for pain relief and emotional calm.

60 minute treatment – £35.00


Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points of the feel, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body.

60 minute treatment – £35.00

Hair Removal Treatments

Warm wax removes unwanted hair simply and leaves your skin feeling smooth.

Full Leg40 minutes£21.00
¾ Leg 35 minutes £15.00
½ Leg 30 minutes £13.00
Underarm 15 minutes £9.50
Bikinifrom £10.50
Intimate Waxingfrom £15.00
Eyebrow Shape 15 minutes £7.00
Lip15 minutes£7.00
Lip and Chin20 minutes£10.50
Full Leg and Basic Bikini60 minutes£30.00
Wax Works
(full leg, bikini, underarm & eyebrow)
90 minutes£44.00

Please note for best results, hair should be a min of ¼ inch in length.

Back Cleanse

30 minute deep cleansing treatment, removes dead skin cells, improving circulation and the appearance of the skin. Cleanse, exfoliate, massage and moisturise: for a special night out, or when you want to show off your back!

Great for a problem area which is difficult to reach.

Leaves you feeling really clean, fresh and relaxed and confident

Back Cleanse30 minutes £21.00

Hopi Ear Candles

Painlessly draws out impurities, relieving pressure in the head and sinuses, and aiding hearing problems. The treatment is suitable for adults and children and can successfully treat the symptoms of imbalance and inner ear problems, build-up of wax, tinnitus, snoring and sinus problems.

30 minute treatment £21.00
1 hour with face massage £28.00
Course of 4 x 1 hr treatments £109.00




Hydrotone Mask Treatment

The Hydratone mask contains Rose Water, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen. This treatment will plump out deep lines and wrinkles and help to restore damaged and dehydrated skin. Skin is left looking radiant and feeling fantastic.

15 minutes treatment – £15.00

Jowl Lift

This treatment concentrates on the jowl area, lifting and toning the muscles using microcurrent this treatment helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

15 minute treatment – £25.00

Add Hydratone 1/2 Face Mask – Further 15 minutes – £6.00

Crystal Free Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion works by gently removing the superficial layer of skin, helping to reduce the appearance of acne, skin blemishes, sun damage, scarring, stretch marks and fine lines.

15 minute treatment – £15.00

Add Hydratone Face Mask Treatment  – Further 15 minutes – £10.00

Non-Surgical Facelift

This treatment uses microcurrent to gently lift, tone and tighten the facial muscles and also to help fine lines and wrinkles to appear smoother. After the treatment, skin will have a beautiful glow and have a more toned and firm appearance.

60 minute treatment – £40.00

Add Hydratone Face Mask Treatment – Further 15 minutes – £10.00

Non-Surgical Eyelift

This treatment concentrates on the area around the eyes, using microcurrent to gently lift, tone and tighten the muscles and help the fine lines and wrinkles appear smoother.

30 minute treatment – £30.00

Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial

Treat your skin to the Ultimate facial, which will leave your skin lifted, smoother, plumped and hydrated. Treatment includes microdermabrasion and the wrinkle comb, both using LED light therapy. The traditional Caci non-surgical facelift and the Hydratone mask to finish.

90 minute treatment – £65.00

Ultimate Booster Facial

This treatment includes microdermabrasion with LED light therapy and wrinkle comb over the whole face. The facial is complete with the relaxing Hydotone Mask to leave the skin looking youthful and radiant.

45 minute treatment – £45.00

Ultimate Eye Treatment

This treatment works solely on the eye area. Eyes will be lifted, smoother and any fine lines or wrinkles will be plumped. Treatment includes microdermabrasion, Caci wrinkle comb, LED light therapy and Hydratone eye mask.

45 minute treatment – £40.00

Ultimate Deep Wrinkle Treatment

This treatment specifically targets fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment includes microdermabrasion to resurface the wrinkles, and Caci wrinkle comb with LED light therapy.

20 minute treatment – £25.00

Ultimate Lip Plumping Treatment

This treatment plumps the top and bottom lip lines, without the use of fillers. Lips look fuller as a result of LED light therapy.

15 minute treatment – £15.00

Ultimate Healing Treatment

This treatment helps areas of scarring, pigmentation, sun damage, acne or stretch marks. The treatment includes microdermabrasion and the wrinkle comb with LED light therapy. Ideal for the face, back or anywhere on the body with these areas of concern.

30 minute treatment – £30.00

Bust Lift Treatment

This treatment lifts, firms and tones the bust. Only suitable for cup sizes A-D.

30 minute treatment – £30.00

Cellulite Massage and Buttock Lift

Great for thighs and buttocks, the treatment targets cellulite, fluid retention and stubborn fat. Treatment will help to contour and tone the legs and buttocks whilst aiding lymphatic drainage.

30 minute treatment – £30.00

Health Referrals


Health Referrals

We accept health referrals from your GP or health professional and can offer you a tailor made exercise programme to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. You will have a health assessment with one of our fully qualified fitness instructors where a programme will be made to suit you. After 12 weeks of following the programme, a further health assessment will be carried out and you can discuss your ongoing programme from there.

Toning Studio

A set of 9 chairs and 6 beds which gently move different muscle groups without resistance on your joints. Ideal for getting back into exercise if you have taken time out or for those with mobility problems to help improve movement and flexibility.

Our trained staff will give you an induction on using the machines, but also write a personal plan for your needs, avoiding chairs/beds that might not suit you.

Disability Use

The chairs and beds are now accessible by hoist. All users of the hoist must bring their own individual sling and be accompanied by a support worker or carer.

Revolutions Studio


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