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If you have been referred to the exercise referral scheme for exercise by your GP or Health Professional, we can offer you a MORE Health solution.

More Health

Bring your exercise referral form, signed by a your health professional, and we will make an appointment with you for a full fitness assessment with one of our qualified fitness instructors. The test will take approximately one and a half hours and this will allow our instructor to be able to guide you through a programme of exercise specifically tailored to you. The assessment will cost £15.

Clients are asked to attend a minimum of 3 exercise sessions per week and after 12 weeks a further Fitness Test will be undertaken – with no charge. This will enable your instructor and you to assess your progress and which of your goals have been reached. This is a great opportunity to discuss your on-going exercise plan.

During your first meeting with your instructor, you will be able to discuss and choose the options for your exercise programme.

MORE Health includes either Gym or Toning Chairs, together with swimming and studio classes.


The fantastic 65 station gym, situated in the main Sports Centre building, will offer you a range of equipment, suitable to your needs.

Your gym instructor will show you the workstations most suitable to your needs, and guide you through how to use them.

You will have your own programme to follow, to assist your progression.


MORE Toning

MORE Toning

The Well-Being Centre, adjacent to the main Sports Centre, is home to our Toning Studio.

Easytone Chairs and Powertone Beds are a set of Passive Movement workstations, which gently move all your muscle groups without putting any resistance on your joints.

Like the gym, a programme of exercise will be given to you, and the therapists will help you achieve your aims.

MORE Classes

Choose the right classes for you – from gentle exercise to all out power classes, including Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates to Pump and Revolutions. Achieve your aims more quickly with these added activities.

MORE Swimming

During public times, you can enjoy the benefits of exercise without resistance on your joints.

If you need assistance in entering and leaving the pool, ask one of our pool attendants to help.

Information about any health risks must be given to the lifeguards on duty, before you enter the water.

MORE Health will cost £75.00 for 3 months – the option to ‘pay as you use’ is available, although the membership option does save you money if you are following the recommended exercise programme.

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